On the market for more than 65 years

1950 In this year, both the father and grandfather of the current Managing Director Hermann Gaugele started developing ventilators to dry hay in Iffeldorf, Upper Bavaria.

1960 A decade later potatoes came into view. Until today, ventilation and cooling systems for potatoes, vegetables and fruit have remained an important element in the spectrum of Gaugele GmbH. Starting with the storage boxes to high performance fans in various designs as well as ventilation flaps – the right design is out there for every type of warehouse.

2010 Offices and production workshops which until recently were widely spread out have recently been brought together by Gaugele in new business premises in Iffeldorf. The store for many individual parts is now located there. Apart from that, the orders for technology are completed in the hall and from there, are delivered to customers all over Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Asia and overseas.

Today, employees in subsidiaries in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Romania, Belarus and  Russia ensure direct and quick customer contact.

More than 65 years of experience, the seamless range of products and competent employees make Gaugele one of the worldwide market leaders in agricultural and climate technology.

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