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Storage of pumpkin

Future-oriented technology for the storage of pumpkins

Successful pumpkin storage begins with the professional drying immediately after harvest. Two factors are decisive for a long storage life: first, the stem, which is still moist at the time of harvest, needs to be dried as quickly and thoroughly as possible; and second, the shell has to be hardened.

Yet, what is the ideal way to dry stem and shell of a pumpkin? The answer is obvious: Gaugele’s innovative condensation dryer. It ensures that the air directed through the pumpkin piles contains as little moisture as possible, regardless of outside air conditions.

A convenient side-effect: the Gaugele condensation dryer is especially energy-efficient and thus minimizes storage costs.
Together with the Gaugele TMC.10 control unit, your pumpkins always receive the exact right ventilation air for a quick and reliable drying process and a longer shelf life.

Your advantages:
• quick and effective drying of pumpkins
• ideal solutions for all types from edible to ornamental pumpkins
• future-oriented technology
• particularly cost-effective

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