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Storage of fruit

Versatile solutions for the storage of fruit

Fruit is the number one food source of vitamins and is very much enjoyed by young and old alike – whether in its fresh form or processed as jam, fruit yoghurt, fruit mush, and much more.
Similar to vegetables, the storage life of fresh fruit varies strongly from type to type; each product has its own particular climate requirements. Fortunately, Gaugele has the ideal storage solution for every type of fruit from A to Z.

Our warehouses ensure that each type of fruit is stored at the right temperature and humidity. Equally important: the ideal gas composition of oxygen and carbon dioxide. To this end, we offer not only proven storage technology with outside air ventilation but also completely gas-tight storage options thanks to so-called CA (Controlled Atmosphere) and ULO (Ultra Low Oxygen) technology.

Both technologies ensure high quality and long-term storage. Thus, the fruit is maintained fresh even until the next harvest and can therefore also be supplied out of season at top prices, thanks to convincing quality and premium taste.

Your advantages:
• long-standing expertise on various types of fruit
• individual consultation, planning and implementation
• precise and product-oriented setting of all storage parameters

Do you have more questions about the storage of fruits?
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